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Complex Management in Alanya

Building Management in Alanya

Building & Complex Management in Alanya

Specializing in condominium law, European-level accounting, decision book keeping, lawsuits for collecting dues, chairing annual general meetings, and streaming general meetings for residential complexes. We provide all management services.

Property Management in Alanya

Property Management in Alanya

Rent property, sell property, and get home services all with the touch of a button. Our "Alanya Apartments for Rent" offer a guaranteed income. We have properties for rent and Properties for sale in Alanya.

Technical Service in Alanya

Technical Service in Alanya

My in-house or affiliated specialists in plumbing, carpentry, decoration, tiling, glazing of balconies, appliance repair, locksmiths, etc., are just a phone call away and available 24/7 for emergency situations.

Cleaning Service in Alanya

Cleaning Service in Alanya

Let us help you enjoy your house in Alanya from the very first minute. We will ensure that it is clean and prepared for your arrival. Moreover, we will take charge of switching on the electric, water, and internet.

Transfer Service in Alanya
Transfer to Airport in Alanya

At Alanya, we have experienced and certified drivers with well-maintained vehicles for safe and comfortable transportation. Our drivers are trained on making your journey smooth and hassle-free, ensuring on-time arrivals. Trust us for your travel needs, whether it's to the airport or for business and family events.

Residence Permit in Alanya
Residence Permit in Alanya

Nowadays, making a residence permit in the Alanya region is harder than ever. That is why it is crucial to have accurate information from an expert who can provide consultation and assist in the process.

According to my complex management in Alanya background, i found chance to be experienced in at the same time all common services. In the other hand I met with many good and bad services while i was working in Alanya region. Besides I separated the bad experiences from my connections. For this reason I believe that I can give you the best solution in service in Alanya Turkey below.

Additionally i want to answer why i am giving Residence Permit service; i worked in 2015 – 2016 at Antalya Expo Agency and i was making the residence permits of country commissioners with Antalya Provincial Immıgration administration.

So you can be sure that i don’t give the services which im not experienced. If i am not sure or don’t have man power to satisfy you with my work, i will not start from the beginning and give you answer as i can’t help. Because it is my reputation and i don’t want to damage my reputation for money.

What i can promise you only service which you will satisfy, other results will not be accepted from me from the beginning…

Better Call Me For Management

Complex Management in Alanya

Hello dear Mr. and Mrs.,

I hope that you are doing well. First and foremost, I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to provide you with my services. I have seven years of experience in this sector, and I have worked in every department in the field of complex management in Alanya. Additionally, I am currently pursuing my second university degree to further develop my skills and knowledge in this sector. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my experiences with you, as outlined below.

Thank you for considering my services.

What is my Experiences at complex management in Alanya?
How we organize the property management in Alanya?

Earlier as Technical Manager; I prepared and implemented technical projects for my clients with their pros, cons and all transparency to won their satisfaction. According to their decisions, I followed the process and the work done. As a result, I had the opportunity to improve myself in many technical areas, big and small, and to find new right connections about property management in Alanya.

Later as a Owner Relations Representative; I was taking all the requests and organizing their operations to solve any problems that might arise to the owners. During this period of work, I had the opportunity to improve myself in terms of dues collection, technical support and customer relations. My whole goal was to solve the problems quickly, practically and satisfactorily about property management Alanya.

Lastly as the Director of the Easyhome Management Company in Alanya (Alanya Real Estate Company); I had to create my own system for every difficulty; Transparent and understandable accounting at the same time. Collecting dues through legal means. Preparation of decision books as requested by the court. Staff employment and training, maintenance of elevators, generator maintenance, landscaping and the others. Every problem I encountered during these processes was another experience and reason for me to create my own system.

Along the way, I met and met many connections. As a result with my experience, I have specialized in Condominium Law, accounting at the European level, writing the decision book as requested by the court, dues execution proceedings and chairing the annual general assembly meetings. The university where I studied in this field allowed me to capture different perspectives for me. If you are searching as "property managers near me", i will be glad to help you with my services.

To summarize the reason we managed around 40 complexes and shopping centers at the same time was because of the compact system I created.

I organized more than 400 general assembly meetings. I manage them as the chairman of the council and i created all the agenda, accounting and other arrangements myself. After the meeting, I carried out all the necessary decision book and notary procedures. Keeping the accounts according to the Turkish law, making accounts notarized and save them for 5 years in our archive room.

The path we followed has always been the Condominium Law and the decisions of the Supreme Court.

I liken the site management business to a basketball. Every point in basketball, like the parts and details of management. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about every point here. I offer transparent, understandable, trust-based management services.

In summary, the management committee should knowledgeable about everything; that all work to be done shall be with the approval of the management committee. That for the great work the management committee shall also be proposed; I undertake that transparent, lawful, and guaranteed work will be done.

My accounting system is online-based. At the same time all income and expenses can be tracked transparently in the system instantly. All information related to the site administration, which has a separate user name and password for each owner. 

An online system with bank account information, site rules, activity reports, general assembly meeting minutes and announcements. On this screen, it is possible to follow all site assets, income, expenses, debtors, receivables in summary and detail.

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