Watch Your Meeting Online

Please see below to watch your meeting online. According to the complex meeting date which sent as invitation letter or mail, you can find the date and time for meeting. Feel free to ask me for your meeting date to watch your annual or extra ordinary meeting. Remember; you can’t vote while watching according to the law, you should give your proxy to someone who can represent you in the meeting. I will not accept the questions in chat. It is only for watching and listening.

Watch Your Meeting Online

Please click the video screen and follow the streaming from Youtube. Please follow your meeting dates and contact with me for streaming time. Feel free to write your comments at streaming chat. To informed before meeting follow my Youtube account.

Watch your meeting online

Remember you can only watch the meeting from here; you can’t use your votes or can’t speak, please give your power of attorney to your neighbour or friend whome can represent you in meeting for using your vote. You can send mail to ask for meeting docs. The meeting minutes will be also sended to all owners after the meeting within one week in different languages.

According to the condiminium law, once a year we organize general meetings. This meeting is the place for take decisions about the yearly fees, technical requests, investments. This meeting organized as two dates; between two days it should be minimum 1 week, maximum 2 weeks. First meeting date needs %50+1 if not, the meeting postpone to second meeting date. Second meeting date can start without majorty; but the big decisions can not be taken with minorty.

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Goldsun Deluxe Mahmutlar - Meeting Minutes Explanation

Sky Blue Plus Mahmutlar - Meeting Minutes Explanation

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